Media Kit

Media Kit

Company Details

Name: SuperRewards (not Super Rewards or SuperRewardz)  

SuperRewards is a subsidary of Perk, Inc.

Web: | Twitter: @superrewards | Facebook: /srewards

Tagline: More money from more users.

Founded in autumn of 2007, SuperRewards (now a part of Playerize Inc.) pioneered virtual currency monetization with social games. Since that time, we’ve expanded to provide the leading monetization service for online, free-to-play games, mobile, and online merchants.

Our monetization solution is primarily focused on two channels: Direct Pay and our Offer Wall.

Direct Pay: Our direct payments platform integrates more than 200 providers worldwide and faciliates any type of transaction including credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, prepaid cards, mobile payments and most recently Bitcoin. We have popular payments methods in 200+ countries around the globe, and our product intelligently presents payment options based on an algorithm that considers location, market trends and previous user behavior.

Offers: Our Offer Wall delivers highly-targeted advertising offers to millions of users every day. Users can earn in-app virtual currency by completing offers, such as filling out surveys, watching videos, or subscribing to online services. We work with hundreds of popular brands and networks to bring our publishers high-quality offers and refresh our inventory every single day.

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Media Contact

Derek Shanahan, General Manager

Email: derek (at) superrewards (dot) com | Twitter: @dshan | Linkedin: /dshanahan






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